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Bionetic Naturopathic Clinic

Complete & Comprehensive Wellness Suite


New Human’s SV2 Insight technology is a portable, lightweight, easy-to-use non-cognitive Bionetic device to assist chiropractors, naturopathic, and other wellness practitioners measure and map the flow of their patient's energy with remarkable accuracy.

SV2 Imprinter

Imprint and Electromagnetic Therapies

Create ElectroMagnetic Scalar Frequency imprints. We have increased the capacity for EM transmission of the Hold Files. They can easily transmit through your cell phone to any other cellphone in the world—just place your cell phone into the EM field of the imprinter and press SEND!

12 632nm LED high Index Imprinting

The imprinter photon field works like a series of light spokes all spinning the data creating photometric support for the a scalar electromagnetic wave. The power within the LEDs as 10x more resolution than we even thought was possible! The photometrics with this digital holographic imprint has incredible digital definition. This is the first imprinter of its kind to actually have the power to create a holographic imprint during the process.

Verifiable Imprinter Frequency

You will also be able to determine the base frequency that the imprint will be used.  Currently the base frequency of the imprint is not variable and is PreSet in the SpectraVision. Now you have the ability to choose the carrier frequency from several options!

SV2 Imprinter

Color/Sound/Induction Head: (CSI Unit)  This is the first of its kind-imbedded sound/light treatment by using up to EIGHTEEN high index multicolored LED’s in the Sound Therapy Head –it has all of the colors of the rainbow! Use that as the default, or, choose the one or more of the specific colors to deliver this Sub-sonic sound into the body. As the practitioner, you can choose which color to activate or activate them all for a complete energetic therapy.  

LED On/Off Foot switch.  No more leaning over to turn off the LED. Once you set it up to Imprint if you need to override the LED therapy, you can switch it off when you’re ready.

YOU DON'T HEAR IT BUT THE BODY KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE IN THE LIGHT. The nervous system is a micro network that is over 45 miles long. Use the Sound Induction to safely and effectively penetrate the body with soothing bio-informational therapies. Use any music that you desire. Place the CSI head on the point needing help. It uses an extra-long 16 ft cord.

One Each of the following Digital Induction Low Level LEDs:  (DILLL ) (For use with Hold Files, Recipes, and Matrix).

635 nm Red Dot LED 5mW

405 nm Blue/Violet Line LED 5mW

535 nm Green Dot LED 5mW

904 nm IR Line LED 5mW

Red InfraSonic LED

High Definition LED Rainbow Sound Light Therapy (SLT)

High Definition LED InfraRed Sound Light Therapy (SLT)

SV2 Scanner

SV2 Scanner

Multi Channel Scanning Testing

When baseline has been established, the SV2 Insight measures changes in wave patterns as the signals encounter similar or dissimilar frequencies associated with the patient’s reactions to stimulus.



SV2 Scanner

Single Channel & Multi Channel Scanning Testing

One of the main sciences behind Voll’s technique is termed “Galvanic Skin Response“. GSR is a method of measuring skin conductance relative to an electric signal that is introduced from a testing device. It is an element of the classic “lie detector” test; as such, it is non-specific to the body and the information is somewhat generic, whereas EAV (ElectroAcupuncture according to VOLL) testing follows specific pathways, providing specific information. The relationship to the ‘pathway’ becomes very important. It can give you comparative information.

If for example, you are taking a reading on a specific pathway, you could compare that reading to another pathway and gain insight into how the energy is flowing to both systems. In EAV,  the signal enters the body through the probe (electrical conductor), as the PROBE is applied with about 2lbs pressure to a specific CMP or Control Measurement Point for various meridians.

As the energy flows along a specific meridian and reaches the other hand, using the grounding wand, and completes the circuit through an electrode ground. As the probe tip that is in direct contact with an acupoint (associated with that meridian pathway, you will then analyze the actual reading, the ability for the needle/software graph to stay steady, and if there is a FALL or not. This process is considered a form of “stress testing”– a measurement of the body’s efficiency and capacity for signal transport—in other words, it’s the ability to “carry an energetic load”.

It is important to note that the electrical signal is introduced at a “non-adaptive” level, large enough to evoke a response from the body, yet small enough not to provoke a symptomatic reaction—If done correctly, the body will “talk back” clearly through measurable data. (Too strong of current is going to override the meridian flow and too weak won’t stress the body). Also there are two ways to assess the acupoint/pathway: one is a current alone (generic base reading) and then a reading using a FILTER of some sort to determine what ‘potency or wave’ is needed to also bring that acupoint to balance.

“Single-channel” refers to the process of testing only one contact point at a time; thus, only one meridian, or channel of information, is being accessed at a time. Single-channel units help monitor the stability and changes of energy meridians in the body via skin conductivity.

They can test meridians against a “generic” electrical signal, which provides an indication of overall stress; or they can test against a specific substance that is brought into the bioelectric “loop” between client and technology.

The typical function was relative to the “balanced” or “normal” standard measurement of health originally established by Voll, which is 50% resistance at 100K ohms and 5 volts. In modern devices, depending on the manufacturer and local regulations, the voltage can range from 1.5 to 5.0 volts. (see History of EAV).

“Multi-channel” testing utilizes sophisticated BIONETIC SOFTWARE computer technology to acquire a variety of data from various energetic pathways of the body simultaneously. This is called Bionetic Biofield Assessment Technology® (software) and it uses the Spectravision® hardware.

This new SCANNING SOFTWARE greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of testing by using several software channels for more information from the body/biofield. Such devices like the Spectravision® also incorporate single-channel test capability. One unique feature is the capacity in single-channel mode to vary the voltage gain signal between 55-255, thus allowing the practitioner to adjust the amplification of the signal to match the sensitivity of the client.

see Gain Settings in the Bionetic Software

In multi-channel mode, the body’s pathway systems are not stressed electrically through specific contact points; instead, it challenges the body with a series of resonant frequencies that are sent and received through several “data collection sites”, through the HANDHELD SENSOR (Human Interface Device) HID.


These sensors, which serve to monitor the entire somatic response, interact with Biosensory and Biofield data. A frequency or “wave pattern” representing a stress signal travels throughout the body’s’ Biofield, in a type of three-dimensional, radar-like pattern (complex waveform) until it encounters resistance to it; and it becomes a ‘particle amplitude’ rather than the wave; this ‘change in energy form is measured’ by the Spectravsion and the Bionetic software to provide raw data regarding the Wave Probability Amplitude.

The conversion from wave to particle is augmented by the body/mind and the Biofield interaction as what we call a “metabolized response” (the end product of a stressor being fixed into a cell’s memory). The resulting excitation/stress wave and particle response,  sees that the wave pattern has been modified on its cycle back to the body from the HID data collection, where it is recorded in the Bionetic Software.

Thus, it measures the total evoked potential of the body/mind—that is, the number and degree of changes that occur throughout the body in response to an incoming wave signal.

(See Biomatrix Intelligence)

The analysis of the returning signals is referred to as the “multiphasic response”(MPR). All in all, the evaluation process is known as Bionetics using “non-cognitive feedback" responses. This resulting data comprises a Stress Blueprint. It is the basis of the awareness of what the body is working on to maintain order and balance. An ultra-high MPR reading means that the body is not able to fully resolve that wave pattern and that wave patterns relationship to its name or type (fungus, bacteria etc.) is something to investigate further.

Always remember, and remind your clients, that these are non-diagnostic measuring technology for assessing stress responses only!

Green Laser


Imprint and Electromagnetic Therapies

About Dynamic Induction Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)

LEDs introduce photons, color frequencies, and electrons to targeted tissues with energy embedded light. 

New Human’s LEDs have a very mild power, (similar to what the US Army uses for Red healing) and these are Dynamic Induction LEDs, meaning they are interfaced with an information database (SpectraVision’s scan technology database).

While most LEDs deliver therapies through the time signature of a pulse, (electromagnetic waves) New Human’s LEDs go an important step further:

Dynamic Induction LEDs provide information inside the light which is unique to each individual’s non-cognitive biofeedback scan results. Literally, the body selects the information most relevant to its’ unique bio-balancing needs.

Our LEDs introduce the critical virtual information accordingly.
Further, the tissue depth to which the information is delivered can be targeted by the use of different light spectrum (different colored) LEDs.
Choose Digital Information (Dynamic LED Therapy) or Investigate Embedded Sound Light in two spectrums of colors.
With the purchase of the SpectraVision 2.0, two colors of LLLT attachments are included: Red & Green.


Imprint and Electromagnetic Therapies

Now you can deliver sound into any part of the human body, through the power of light! The profound nature of energy allows for transference of frequency from sound to light, and then back to vibration inside the tissues of the body.

Embedded sound travels through all body cells and light can transport the sound more deeply into the bones and connective tissue matrix(es) without physical limitations caused by scars or toxins. Utilize MP3 files that you already have or you can stream from the web. By using high index array LED’s tuned to the full light spectrum, the body can now become the resonator and reservoir of sound.

Various wavelengths allow for whole body light/sound therapy. The sound is carried through the light, into the body via subsonic transduction. All 3 audio/light products play any MP3 sound, frequency, or single tone file. Any mp3 format is compatible, and with the use of secondary speakers, you are able to hear the music simultaneously.

In addition to our previously released SLT Rainbow, we have finalized two new sound light therapy products.  

The SLT InfraRed is a dual range red and near InfraRed Sound Light Therapy LED System, similar in design to our SLT Rainbow.

The Red InfraSonic LED is a sound embedded single LED used for embedding sound into the body for specific Acupoints and the Auricular Points.


As you know, tuning forks are great to change harmonics within the body. However, they lose their effective tonal range as they slow down their vibration. With the SLT Sound Light Therapy unit, you will be able to produce high quality imbedded frequency delivery that doesn’t lose its effective range. In fact, because its digital, the data can be profoundly different as compared to the total effect of tuning fork therapy.

By using the SLT, you will be able to provide any MP3 sound file toning into the body. You can apply the light/sound to chakras, acupuncture points, or other parts of the body that may be sore or inflexible to provide digital tuning. This is the best tuning fork ever!


1 Year of Bionetics Software

The biggest contributor to the effectiveness of SV2.0 Insight™ is our ever-evolving Bionetic Computer Software. Now with over a half-million lies of code; you will have over twenty years of refinement for your clinic! In addition to a simple user interface, it produces easy to understand graphic reports with graphs and schematics for effective client communication and education. Bear in mind that all energetic imbalances are being researched and new science is emerging to discover the various ways in which energetic imbalances and stress are negatively impacting our lives.

Bionetics, the “brains” behind our next generation SpectraVision technology allows you to pinpoint key stressors.

The Science of Bionetics

Bionetics is a complex science founded on the premise that the body is, by nature, intelligent and that all processes within it are “mindful” (F. Kapra). It was penned first by Walter Cannon, which he called Wisdom of the Body, and which later was termed Innate Intelligence by Daniel David Palmer. Later it was defined to include a triune approach: intelligence, force, and matter. These concepts are further adapted into energy systems of the body including meridians and chakras in Bionetic Science. This science recognizes that, when it comes to health, the body cannot be separated from the mind and neither can the mind be separated from the body.


What is Bionetic feedback?

Bionetic feedback is a non-invasive modality that takes direct, real-time measurements of the body’s biodynamic responses using galvanic skin response (GSR). These responses identify the various states or conditions of stress using stress filters; stressors can come from both exogenous and endogenous sources. Through a complex pattern matching and recognition system introduced via electrodes to the body and the stress filters, the midbrain responds through the limbic response system (LRS). Changes to the LRS are then measured and recorded using sophisticated biofeedback equipment (SpectraVision) and intricate computer software (Bionetics).


The School of Naturopathy

Welcome to the new paradigm of health and empowerment

We combine the biological laws of nature with ancient wellness modalities and cutting edge technology. The most innovative naturopathic school on the planet!

Nationally Certified Bionetic Naturopathic Training Program through the Energetic Wellness School of NaturopathyThe Bionetic Naturopathic Counselor Program blends the time-honored knowledge of traditional healing known as Naturopathy (herbs, homeopathics, nutrition, lifestyle management and much more) utilizing Bionetic Biofield Assessment Technology® , Bioenergtic Medicine and Energetic Protocols, It also includes additional training on the most unique of its kind in energetic medicine: the SpectraVision®.

The Bionetic Naturopathic Counselor program blends the time-honored knowledge of traditional healing known as Naturopathy (herbs, homeopathics, nutrition, lifestyle management and much more) utilizing Bionetic Biofield Assessment Technology® known as the SpectraVision®

The study of Bionetic Science incorporates understanding the complex aspects of specific knowledge necessary regarding the inter-relations of the human body, mind, and spirit, as well as both the emotional and physical effects of stress, by offering practical applications in the clinical environment.


You will be Certified by EWSN to practice in your state. If you choose, you are eligible for National Board Certification through the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMC). The Board Certification cost is $900, that is a separate cost which goes directly to the Board.

The Bionetic courses that were available to you are no longer available after February 1. You can take the time now to print off all the PDF information from the site. Create a binder to have in your practice as a resource guide.