Founder & Spectravision Inventor

Lee G. Woolley DNM, BD D.PSc

Lee received his Doctorate in Bioenergetic Medicine from The Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine in Colorado.  He is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, and holds a BS degree in Psychophysiology and Holistic Studies from Norwich University. Additionally he has been certified in Herbology and Nutrition by the British Institute of London and is certified as a Biofeedback Practitioner. He has been a member of the Biofeedback Practitioners Association providing Auricular and LLLT Laser Therapy to his patients.

Lee has developed Bio-Resonance and Bionetic Feedback Instruments for over twenty years,  and Energy Medicine protocols for the alternative health market. He is the originator of the only Bionetic Feedback Technology (assessing the mid-brain) stress points, which is called The SpectraVision; he has been instrumental in its inclusion of its use during biofeedback research in advanced Neo-Biofeedback applications.

Lee has lectured on Bionetic and Energetic Science, taught about the integration of the spirit/body/mind for health and wellness in England, Canada and the United States. He has also lectured on Bioenergetic Medicine at the London College of Homeopathy and Stress Management.  Lee has been an instructor for the ABPPSR (Academy of Biofeedback, Psycho-Physiology and Self-Regulation), and has been a guest lecturer at The Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine in Colorado. Additionally, in various professional and corporate wellness venues, Lee has been teaching and lecturing for many years on Bioenergetic health and the significance of stress management and its tie to illness and disease. His vast experience in holistic health, Bionetics, and homeopathic medicine has given him many opportunities in both clinical and research environments.

Lee authored the book “Mindscapes—Mapping and Measuring the Mind," which is about the process of integration of the dual and triune aspects of the brain and the impact of the central nervous system in healing.

In 1994 Lee developed the first multi-disciplined two-year Bionetic Feedback curriculum and training program in the United States for Voll Practitioners, which is still in operation today. Recently Lee has been developing NeurOset,  Emotional Neurogenic Therapy Protocols which eliminate trapped emotions in the nervous system. This protocol supports the ideologies of The German New Medicine. Lee and his company, New Human LLC, are looking forward to a projected 2014 release for NeuroSet Protocols.

Lee is a Colorado native who now lives in the Western North Carolina mountains with his wife Joda and their cats Hannah and Charlie.  Lee and Joda have 7 adult children between them (many of whom are part of the family business of holistic health). They immensely enjoy time with their four grandchildren, and time spent in nature, and near the mountain stream, right out their back door!